How Do You Create Plastic Drums?

To create plastic drums, stretch balloons, pieces of thick plastic or pieces of construction paper over round plastic containers and secure them with rubber bands. Sticks with balloons covering the ends can make suitable drumsticks.

Plastic drums are fun crafts for kids and are easy to make. To make a drum at home, use the following steps.

  1. Find a suitable plastic container
  2. Any hollow plastic container can work well as a drum body. Old CD and food storage containers make good options.

  3. Attach the skin
  4. Construction paper, thicker plastic sheet pieces and balloons make good drum skins. However, balloons and plastic are slightly sturdier. To make a drum skin out of a balloon, cut the bottom off of the balloon and stretch it over the container. Keep the drum skin in place with a rubber band.

  5. Decorate the drum
  6. After the skin is in place, the drum is playable. However, decorating it helps give it some personality. Decorate the drum with strips of paper, paint, feathers, glitter, ribbon or string.

  7. Make drumsticks
  8. To make a drumstick, stuff fabric scraps into a balloon. Place the stuffed balloon over a stick. Secure the end of the stick with a rubber band. Alternately, poke a hole in a Styrofoam ball with a stick. Glue the stick to the inside of the hole to keep it in place.