How Do You Create a Pictogram?


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Utilize the Pictotool website or Microsoft Excel software to create a pictogram, notes Clara.net. Pictograms represent images and data displayed as a graph. Most picrograms require two datasets, such as text sets and image sets, notes The School Run website.

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The Pictotool website offers instructions on how to create a pictogram. Choose a model, enter the appropriate text, choose the relevant pictogram art, and then generate the pictogram. Adjust any font size and offset settings as necessary. The Pictotool website offers models between six different samples. A video demonstration is also available for further instruction.

The Clara.net website explains how to create a pictogram using Microsoft Excel with two data sets. Create the appropriate data sets for the pictogram. Ensure that you have an image selected and saved in a place that you can easily access. Highlight the data set, and select the chart wizard. Select Bar as the chart type and Clustered Bar as the sub-type, and then continue. Select the appropriate picture to translate the bar chart into a pictogram.

Pictograms serve as engaging introductions to bar charts, notes The School Run website. Teachers utilize pictograms to educate students. Some common uses for pictograms relate to tally charts, object identification and days of the week.

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