How Do You Create Patterns for a Wooden Bird House?

Create a pattern for a wooden bird house by drawing a sketch of what the finished bird house should look like and then using the illustration as a guide for drawing each individual piece required onto graph paper. Once the pattern is complete, the individual pattern pieces can be cut out and placed on the wood being used for the bird house. Use it as a guide for cutting the wood to the appropriate dimensions.

Before creating the bird house pattern, it is helpful to draw a picture of what the finished bird house should look like, including as many details and measurements as possible. A typical bird house includes an entry hole that is no larger than 1 3/4 inches in diameter and is at least 4 inches above the floor of the bird house (to keep the baby birds from falling out). After the initial drawing of the bird house is complete, use graph paper to create the pattern. From the original drawing, ascertain the sizes and shapes of the pieces required to construct the bird house. Use a ruler to draw the individual shapes of the pieces onto graph paper. The finished drawing is the bird house pattern.