How Do You Create Paper Snowflakes?


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To make a paper snowflake, begin with a square piece of white paper. Fold the paper in half on the diagonal. Bring the opposite points of the triangle together to fold it in half again.

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Fold one-third of the smaller triangle toward the back and another third toward the front. The bottom has uneven points. Trim them so the bottom is straight.

Cut small designs, such as half-circles and tiny triangles, into both sides of the fold. Do not cut further than one-half of the way across the triangle. To finish, unfold the paper carefully. Leave spaces between the designs. To make snowflakes hang in the air, tape the end of a piece of string to one edge of the snowflake and then tape the other end to the ceiling.

Snowflakes make pretty window decorations. Attach several of them to window glass with tape or poster putty. Putty is also a good adhesive for hanging snowflakes on the wall. Create another festive design by taping several snowflakes together side-by-side to form garland. Hang over a doorway, above a window, along a wall or up a staircase.

You can also place snowflakes on top of wrapped boxes to decorate presents. Tape the snowflake in place or run ribbon or yarn through the holes and around the package.

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