How Do You Create a Paper Snowflake?


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Fold a square of white paper in half diagonally, and fold that triangle in half. Fold half of the triangle to the front and the other half to the back, and trim off the points. Cut different sized shapes into both sides of the folded triangle, and carefully unfold it.

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How Do You Create a Paper Snowflake?
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To make a snowflake with four sides, begin with a square sheet of paper, fold the square in half to create a rectangle, and fold that rectangle in half again to make a smaller square. Rotate the square so that it is in a diamond position with the solid section at the bottom of the diamond. Fold the diamond vertically from right to left, and cut a variety of shapes in different sizes along both edges, but not too close to the vertical fold. Carefully unfold the snowflake.

To create an eight-sided snowflake, fold a paper square first into a rectangle and then into a smaller square. Arrange the small square in a diamond position with the solid section at the bottom. The triangle has two equal short sides to the left and one long folded side to the right. Fold the left short side that is closest to the bottom towards the triangle’s right long side, creating a cone shape. Cut off any paper above the created straight edge, and cut shapes into one or both sides of the folded paper before carefully unfolding the snowflake.

Snowflakes make pretty window decorations. Attach several of them to window glass with tape or poster putty. Putty is also a good adhesive for hanging snowflakes on the wall. Create another festive design by taping several snowflakes together side-by-side to form garland. Hang over a doorway, above a window, along a wall or up a staircase.

You can also place snowflakes on top of wrapped boxes to decorate presents. Tape the snowflake in place or run ribbon or yarn through the holes and around the package.

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