How Do You Create Your Own Zwinky?


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To create your own Zwinky, download the Zwinky software, install it and create your own Zwinky account. Log in and customize your own Zwinky and share it.

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As soon as you create your own account, you can design clothes, backgrounds, accessories and more. Additionally, you can add a glitter text to your Zwinky image. You can change the clothes of your Zwinky at any time by logging into your Zwinky account and clicking Launch Wardrobe at the top of the Zwinky interface. You can try on new clothes as soon as the wardrobe window opens. Click on the appropriate drawer and then the item that you want to modify.

When you find the complete outfit for your Zwinky, click the Save Outfit option to store preferences. You can also give your Zwinky different personalities and styles; for example, you can choose hottie, raver, goth, punk princess and others with your Zwinky account.

You can also add friends and chat with them on Zwinky. For further assistance, you can visit the Zwinky website and click on the Help/FAQ link to get answers for some of the common queries that users raise. The website also features numerous other useful links and options.

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