How Do You Create Your Own Warrior Cat in Doll Divine?


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To play the warrior cat doll maker on Doll Divine, click Start on the opening screen then select the various options that allow you to customize the cat's pelt. The category, such as Body Types or Facial Options, is listed under the cat image with more detailed options beneath.

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Run by Ola Rogula, Doll Divine is a website devoted to providing high quality dress-up games made in Flash. The site professes itself to be committed to respecting artists, promoting open-mindedness and avoiding racialized default settings. Doll Divine's target audience is all ages, attracting adults as well as children.

Doll Divine has multiple dress-up games featuring cats. As of May 2015, its collection includes three kitten creators, one cub creator and a nyan cat game in addition to the warrior cat game. Doll Divine also provides a subscription membership service for $1 per month that allows users to comment on games, upload their own dolls, browse the site without ads, see their followers and save an unlimited amount of dolls to their accounts. Becoming a premium member also gives access to the Beta Testing Arena.

In an interview with TalkIndieGames, Ola Rogula states that she began in adventure games but made doll games as a hobby, shifting focus when she discovered that they had become more popular.

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