How Do You Create Your Own Super Villain Online? allows users to create a super villain and share the character online. DC Comics lets individuals create either a hero or a villain online, while Marvel Comics offers heroes only. users fill out a form to create their super villains. First they select if the character is a super villain or the villain's helper, a henchman. Next, they name their super villains and describe any super powers. A user can also include the villain's real name and age, describe the character's body and costume, and give the location, lair and personality. Optional information includes the country of origin, life story and other details of the villain. Users have to give their names and email addresses when submitting the form for their super villains.

DC Comics has Hero Creator in Scribblenauts Unmasked. As of May 2015, users have to purchase this software, but it allows them to instantly create a hero or villain. A user can design a super villain's appearance, super powers and costumes. Users can then use the super villain in the Scribblenauts game.

Marvel Comics only lets people make super heroes. Users can mix and match parts of Marvel Comics super heroes to create their own. They can also customize the appearance of their characters, which can be shared online.