How Do You Create Your Own Pokemon Trainer?

Create your own Pokemon trainer in the games by creating a new save file and following the onscreen instructions. To create a trainer in the Pokemon art style, use an actual trainer from the games as a base model. Also, use creation tools on sites such as or

When you load any of the Pokemon games onto a supporting Nintendo handheld gaming device, you have the ability to create your own Pokemon trainer to use within the game. You must choose from either a male or female avatar type, but have the ability to enter a custom name. Some games also provide some customization options for this character at certain points in the game.

Another way to create a Pokemon trainer is to draw one that matches yourself or your own concepts by following the instructions to draw one of the existing trainers. Choose the appropriate gender to create a character with the right body type, then add new clothing, hair, facial features and accessories.

It is also possible to use the Pokemon Trainer Card creation tools on and to make a custom trainer image. These cards allow you to include the Pokemon your trainer commonly uses along with the gym badges she has, as well as to choose a name and image from a list of available options.