How Do You Create Your Own Plastic Mold?

How Do You Create Your Own Plastic Mold?

In order to create a plastic mold, a silicone plastic mixture, a premade molding putty or a mold making kit and an object to design the mold around are needed. Mold-making kits, putty and mixtures are available locally from craft stores or online from websites such as and

In order to create plastic molds with Silicon Plastique, which is available online from, follow the steps below.

  1. Obtain materials and prepare the work space
  2. Gather materials, which include Silicone Plastique, Anchor-Dit, the object of the mold's duplication and a protected work surface. The Silicone Plastique comes in two parts: the base and the catalyst. Affix the object to the work surface with the Anchor-Dit to hold the mold's object in place and to prevent silicone from seeping underneath the mold's object.

  3. Create the plastic
  4. Mix the two parts of the Silicone Plastique in equal amounts until the mixture is uniform in color. After combining, the mixture becomes a clay-like consistency and can be worked for about 15 minutes.

  5. Make the mold
  6. Apply an initial layer of silicone to the object, adding additional layers until the object is fully covered. Make certain the layers are uniform and are added immediately so the prior layers do not begin to cure. The mold cures at room temperature in about an hour. After the silicone is fully cured, remove the object from the mold.

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