How Do You Create Your Own Marvel Superhero?

How Do You Create Your Own Marvel Superhero?

To create your own Marvel superhero, go to the Marvel website, click on Games from the top tab and select Create Your Own Superhero. The original superhero can be saved on a computer or shared with friends.

Use the following steps in order to create a superhero from the Marvel website.

  1. Select the body
  2. Click Begin and select the body form for the superhero. Choose from a muscular, hulky frame or a female character's body.

  3. Customize the superhero
  4. Based on the body type chosen, options for the Hero Pack are displayed. Choose Spider-Man, Thor or your favorite Hero Pack with skin type, head, upper body, lower body and accessories. Superheroes can be customized to wear eyeglasses, masks or other costume features.

  5. Add details to the superhero
  6. Once the superhero is created, choose from a huge selection of colors and designs for a one-of-a-kind costume.

  7. Share your superhero creation
  8. The new superhero creation can be saved, used as a profile avatar, tweeted and emailed to friends.

  9. Explore further superhero options
  10. The superhero creation can go beyond being virtual. Websites, such as Bobbleheads, offer customers the chance to create a personalized superhero bobblehead featuring a replica of a person. The bobblehead will be a superhero replica of the chosen person. Superhero software is also available, offering customers a desktop version for creating other superheroes and avatars from their computer.