How Do You Create Your Own Mad Lib Games?


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To create your own Mad Libs game, create a story and type it out with a word processing program or a text editor. Then replace a few of the words with spaces that indicate the word's part of speech.

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When creating a Mad Libs story, edit it so that certain words sound humorous when replaced by the players. The first step in creating a Mad Libs game is to write a unique story or select one that has already been written. Any text editing or word processing software is sufficient for this step. A fun option is to write a story that incorporates the players. For example, the story could incorporate real experiences that have happened to the players or topics of a classroom lesson.

The next step is to edit the story, removing a few strategically chosen words in each sentence, so the players can invent humorous twists on the story. After removing the words, place a blank space that indicates which part of speech the original word was, so the sentence still makes sense when the word is replaced. Print enough copies for each player. For added convenience, insert the pages into plastic-coated sheet protectors and use grease pencils so the pages can be wiped clean and used again.

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