How Do You Create Your Own Lego Figure?


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To create a unique Lego figure, known as a Minifig, visit the official Minifigs website online, and click on the “get building” link. The Lego Minifig builder tool allows you to choose from a variety of Lego parts, to customize the body with an image or message or create a bespoke Minifig based on a photo or description of an actual person or character.

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When you create a personalized Minifig, you must select a torso or body, which already has an outfit and arms. Some examples of available clothing choices include casual outfits, formal wear, jackets, professional outfits and wedding outfits. There is also an option to make your own personalized clothing.

To create a personalized Minifig Lego figure, choose the head, hair and legs from the many options available on the website. There are a range of available accessories such as flags, roller skates, music items, food and sports accessories. To add a pet, choose from options such as cats, chimps, dogs, fish and birds.

To create a personalized Lego Minifig, select a face. There are a variety of skin tones, expressions, facial hair configurations and genders. In addition to male and female heads, there is a category for unisex heads.

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