How Do You Create Your Own Jigsaw Puzzle?


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Online jigsaw puzzle sites, such as JigsawPlanet.com and DailyJigsawPuzzles.net, allow you to create your own jigsaw puzzle free of charge and solve it on the browser as well. You can also download and print blank jigsaw puzzle templates to create your own jigsaw puzzles manually.

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How Do You Create Your Own Jigsaw Puzzle?
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Jigsaw Planet and Daily Jigsaw Puzzle have puzzle generators that allow you to create a jigsaw puzzle using a personal photo from your computer or device. The Daily Jigsaw Puzzle uses a straightforward online puzzle maker that only requires an image to create a puzzle. Jigsaw Planet offers a bit of customization by allowing you to select the shape of the puzzle pieces and the level of difficulty of the game. Both sites let you start the game with randomly rotated pieces to make the puzzle more difficult. An updated browser is required to play and solve the game online.

To create your own jigsaw puzzle manually, download and print a blank jigsaw puzzle template. Glue a photo of the same size on the blank side of the template. Use a pair of scissors to cut up the jigsaw pieces. Blank jigsaw puzzle templates are available for download on K3 Teacher Resources' website for free. Premium members can avail of the editable templates in .docx format.

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