How Do You Create Your Own Flag?


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To create your own flag, choose an appropriate design, select a suitable fabric, and cut it following the design chosen. Sew the different pieces of the fabric together, and finish by double stitching.

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When selecting a design for the custom flag, include an image of the business or team mascot or some symbols that represent the organization. Keep the design simple as this makes it easier to create the flag. Consider using simple patterns such as stars, rectangular or square blocks, circles and stripes along with the prominent image. If incorporating text in the design, keep the letters at least 12 inches in height. If only smaller-size lettering can be accommodated, make the text thicker.

When choosing colors for the flag, select those that are bold and attractive. Pick colors that are complementary so that they catch the onlookers' eyes quickly. The custom flag can be made using either synthetic or cotton fabrics. Between the two, synthetics look flashier and require less effort for maintenance.

To make the custom flag, cut a suitable fabric to the desired size and shape. Cut the design from the fabric. Sew the various pieces of the fabric together using heavy-duty thread. Double stitch at all the joints to ensure that the fabric pieces remained fastened.

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