How Do You Create Your Own Custom Skateboard From Scratch?


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There are several platforms available to create a custom skateboard from scratch, including WhateverSkateboards.com, BoardPusher.com and CustomSkateboards.com. These websites allow users to build their own boards from the bottom up and customize their color and style choices.

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Each of these websites has a different style of design program. Some of them are very detailed and require a flash player. Some of them let the customer design the board from the size onward, while others give a set of boards to choose from with set options to customize them.

WhateverSkateboards.com has a simple-to-use program. Click on "Design Your Own" or one of the two board styles to access the design program faster. After choosing the board to design, follow the steps to choose the background design. Add any pictures or text to the design and then save it. Enter an email address to receive the link to the board. The board will be placed in the shopping cart to purchase if desired.

BoardPusher.com's designer is one of the easiest programs. Simply click on "Design Your Own Skateboard" and choose a board shape, background, text and images and then choose to save or buy. CustomSkateboards.com is also very simple to use. Click on "Create" to bring up the full screen designer. Choose the color, art and text. Save the design, create an account and purchase the board.

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