How Do You Create Your Own a Coat of Arms?


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Make your own coat of arms by choosing a shield, colors, a charge, a mantling, supporters and a motto. All you need is a computer drawing program or a pencil and paper.

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  1. Choose a shield

    Start creating your own coat of arms by choosing a shield. There are four basic types: classic, curved, continental and beveled smooth. The classic is rounded with a point at the bottom, while the curved is just rounded with no point. The beveled smooth is much like the classic, but the sides before the point curve inward. The continental is square shaped with a point at the bottom.

  2. Choose a color for the shield

    Choose a color for the shield, such as red, green, black, blue, purple, silver or gold. Colors have different meanings. Black symbolizes wisdom and loyalty, while silver symbolizes truth and purity.

  3. Choose a charge

    The charge is an animal located on the shield. Some of the most popular charges are the bear, boar, dragon, eagle, dog and crane. Each is known for a specific characteristic, such as cunning and strength.

  4. Choose a mantling

    Choose a mantling, which is the decorative flourish located at the top of the shield. The mantling can be as simple or ornate as you want to make it.

  5. Choose supporters

    Choose supporters, which are animals or knights that stand on either side of the shield. Some popular supporters are lions, stags and unicorns.

  6. Choose a motto

    Finally, choose a motto that is located on a banner beneath the shield. The motto can be anything but usually represents your character and values.

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