How Do You Create Your Own American Girl Doll That Looks Like You?

create-own-american-girl-doll-looks-like Credit: Gordon/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Customers must choose from the My American Girl line of pre-customized dolls to find a doll that shares resemblance with the customer. In the past, customers were able to customize their own American Girl doll using the American Girl website, but that option is no longer available.

The American Girl website has 39 My American Girl dolls available on the website as of 2015. Users are encouraged to purchase the doll that they most closely resemble. These dolls are available in various races, hair styles and eye colors to match many different appearances.

After choosing your My American Girl doll, there are several ways to help your new doll look just like you. Dressing your doll up in clothes that you would wear is one step. Purchase clothing and accessories from the American Girl website, or make your own clothes and accessories for an even more customized look.

Another possible option is to scour websites like eBay to find an older "Just Like You" doll that more closely resembles you than the currently available My American Girl line. Additionally, many pieces of clothing and accessories retired from the American Girl website are also available. While there are quality concerns with used items, many sellers provide additional pictures or guarantees prior to purchase.