How Do You Create a Mosaic Template?


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You can create a mosaic template by freehand drawing or by using tracing or carbon paper to copy a design that you want to reproduce. Freehand drawing allows you to create your own designs. While it takes some skill to turn out anatomically accurate pieces, simple patterns and shapes prove easy to reproduce.

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For example, if you create a fish mosaic, all you need is the basic outline of the fish. Draw the body, which is shaped like an eye, add the fins at the top and bottom, a forked tail, round eye and a mouth. You can create different looks by making the fish body longer and thinner or shaped more like a silver dollar. Research the different types of fish for inspiration.

If you found a picture you want to recreate, the easiest way is to trace it. Place a piece of tracing paper, which is a very thin, see-through sheet, on top of the picture. Trace the picture, going into as much detail as you want. Then flip the tracing paper over, and color the back using artists' charcoal or a drawing pencil.

Place the tracing paper, colored side down, on your mosaic surface and retrace all the lines. The coloring on the back transfers to your mosaic surface. Retrace the lines on the mosaic surface to make them more visible.

A variation of this uses carbon paper. Attach the carbon paper to the back of the design, carbon side down. Trace the design directly onto the mosaic surface. This method is faster, but it may require you to make a photocopy of the design to avoid damaging the original.

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