How Do You Create Minecraft Skins on the Skindex Website?

Create "Minecraft" skins on the Skindex website by using the painting and drawing tools to add different colors and designs to the character in the editor, as of 2015. Rotate the character using the mouse to view it from different angles, and add the necessary colors to complete the design.

When you visit the Skindex website,, it is possible to view different skins made by various community members. To access the skin editor and creation tool, click on the Editor link in the main navigation bar. Once the editor lodes, it displays a default character that includes designs for clothing and a face. You have the ability to immediately begin drawing over this design, or use the eraser tool to clear out the existing colors and start with a blank character canvas.

The editor consists of a workspace in the center of the screen, a tool bar at the top, a color picker at the left and viewing controls on the right. The viewing controls include an option to turn on and off a guiding grid and completely hide any segment of the character. You have the ability to rotate the character by clicking around the body and moving the mouse in different directions.