How Do You Create Latch Hook Projects?

How Do You Create Latch Hook Projects?

Creating a latch hook project involves preparing a canvas, cutting yarn and using a latch hook to knot the yarn in the canvas. It's possible to make your own latch canvas or buy a latch hook kit.

To make a latch hook rug, measure the latch canvas to the desired dimensions, and cut it. One option for creating a custom canvas is to transform a picture into a template using software such as

To cut the yarn, cut a piece of cardboard to 6 inches by 2.5 inches. Fold the strip of cardboard in half lengthwise. Place a pencil inside the crease. Select the desired color of yarn, and wrap it around the cardboard in a single layer. Slide the scissors into the cardboard crease, and cut the yarn.

To create the latch hook project, knot one length of yarn into each canvas hole. To do this, loop a strip of yarn around the hook behind the latch. Push the hook through one square and back up the square above. Pull the hook back to close the latch, and pull the yarn into the eye of the hook. Pull the hook back to close the knot.

Repeat the latch hooking procedure for the entire template on the canvas. Finish the edge of the rug with a hem or fringe.