How Do You Create Laser Bore Sights?


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To create laser bore sights, first determine whether or not you have a bullet-shaped laser, because a bullet-shaped device must be mounted in the rifle chamber and only has one caliber. Other sights are mounted at the end of the rifle barrel. Once determined, check that you unloaded the rifle properly. Place a bullet-shaped device into the action of the rifle and close the bolt, which automatically activates the laser.

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Other laser devices fit on the barrel of the rifle by sliding the end of the device into place. These devices can be activated by a switch found on the side of the device body. Check the accuracy of the laser by looking at a target through the scope of the rifle. Make note of where the laser hits the target when properly aiming the rifle. Use the crosshairs of the scope to focus the aim in the same spot that the laser hits.

To adjust the horizontal section, turn the side dial counter-clockwise to move it to the right, or clockwise to move it to the left. Make changes to the vertical section, and turn the top dial counter-clockwise for up and clockwise for down. Once the rifle is sighted, turn the laser off. Remove the sight either by sliding it off the end of the barrel or by opening the bolt of the rifle. When storing the laser sight, remove the batteries to avoid damaging the device.

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