How Do You Create a Large Wall Clock?


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To create a large wall clock, make a template for the placement of the numbers or decorative objects, assemble the time piece, hang the template and mount the time piece and numbers to the wall. Clock making kits are often available at craft stores.

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Some kits come with a pre-made template and numbers to use for the clock. For a more personal touch, use a variety of picture frames to take the place of the numbers. The photos in the frames can be of family and friends, places you have traveled or anything that is of interest to you. After you have selected the frames and photos, measure the wall to decide how large you want the clock to be. Use cardboard or newsprint to make a template of the appropriate size. Place the assembled time piece in the center of the template and the frames in an array around the time piece. Be careful to measure the same amount of space between each frame for accuracy in telling time. Trace each of the frames onto the template. Hang the template onto the wall, and place nails in the wall where each of the frames and time piece show on the template. Tear the template away from the wall and hang each frame onto its coordinating nail.

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