How Do You Create a Labyrinth Pattern?


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The classic labyrinth pattern begins with two equal-length crossed lines, opposite facing "L" shapes in each top quadrant of the cross, opposite-facing, upside down "L" shapes in the lower quadrants and dots at the angle of each "L." Draw a curving line from the top of the cross to the line on its right and from the top of the line on the left to the dot on the right. Connecting lines and dots, left to right, completes the pattern.

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Another simple labyrinth pattern, the continuous meander labyrinth, begins with a "Y" shape. The top of the "Y" is a curved bowl shape. Curved lines facing outward on both sides of the stem and at the top of the "Y" can be of any number, but there must be one more line to the right of the stem. The final curved line in each set has a dot at the center. Complete the pattern by connecting the next line or dot to the left to the next unconnected line or dot on the right until only the center line or stem remains. Entry to this labyrinth is from either side of the stem.

This classic labyrinth pattern is a seven circuit labyrinth created from a seed pattern. There are also three, 11 and 15 circuit classical labyrinths, concentric, Roman labyrinths, and various three-pointed seed pattern classical labyrinths. Most labyrinth patterns are available commercially. Pattern instructions are also available on various Internet sites, including the Labyrinthsociety.org.

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