How Do You Create a Home First Aid Box?

How Do You Create a Home First Aid Box?

To create a home first aid box, begin by gathering essential medical items such as prescribed medications, emergency contact numbers, bandages and ointments. First aid boxes should contain items capable of treating minor injuries, symptoms and emergencies. The size of your household determines the quantity of items within the box.

  1. Gather bandages

    An effective first aid kit features multiple bandage types, including a variety of adhesive bandages, elastic bandages, sterile gauze, adhesive tape, eye patches and finger splints.

  2. Select medicine for minor cuts

    Sterilize and treat minor cuts and injuries by including antiseptic solutions, antibiotic ointments and sterile eye wash in the kit. Incorporate an anti-itching cream, such as calamine lotion or hydrocortisone cream.

  3. Gather essential health items

    Items such as cotton balls, hand sanitizer, latex gloves, tweezers and a thermometer are essential for all kits. Incorporate a tooth saving storage device to sterilize and protect a knocked out or chipped tooth. Store a first aid manual in the kit, which describes how to adequately perform basic medical care. Include a small flashlight for power outages.

  4. Monitor first aid box for quality

    Regularly review items in the box and replace when necessary. Monitor expiration dates on medication and ointments and continually check flashlight batteries. Store the box in an easy-to-reach place close to high-activity areas.