How Do You Create Funny Jokes About Men?


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Create funny jokes about men by using a joke structure that incorporates a relatable fact or scenario about men and an element of surprise. The surprise is typically the punch line of the joke and falls at or near the end, turning around the standard assumption of the joke.

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How Do You Create Funny Jokes About Men?
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The basic elements of a funny joke are a believable premise and a surprising conclusion. To start the joke, the writer needs to create a scenario that many men or women find familiar to use as the premise, such as men's crude behavior or affinity for sports and beer. This familiar scenario allows the audience to follow a certain train of logic throughout the joke and helps to build up to its punch line, which is the part of the joke that makes people laugh. To create a funny punch line, it needs to stand in contrast to the assumptions implied by the premise of the joke. This unexpected change surprises the audience and elicits laughs due to the juxtaposition of the two segments.

Writers can look at other jokes about men to practice identifying the premise and the punch line and to learn how it presents a surprising turn of events. AcademicTips.org and AllWomensTalk.com feature numerous jokes about men to use as examples.

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