How Do You Create a Fairy on Pixie Hollow?

Players can no longer create their own fairies on Pixie Hollow because the game is no longer available online. However, continues to offer a Create a Fairy game on the Disney Fairies page of its website.

Pixie Hollow was a massive multi-player online role-playing game created by DisneyToon Studios and Schell Games in 2008. However, Disney discontinued the game in September 2013, just one day shy of the game's five-year anniversary. Along with the closing of the Pixie Hollow MMORPG, Disney also discontinued the Disney Fairies magazine, as well as its Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique and Disney Fairies Fly applications. Disney continues to offer a variety of fairy-themed games on both its U.S. and U.K. websites.

To create a fairy on, select the Create a Fairy game from either the Games page or the Activities page in the Disney Fairies section of the website. The website allows players to save up to three fairies. Select Create in one of the empty slots. The game then guides you through the fairy-creating process. Select the fairy's talent, size, facial features, hair, wings and clothing. Choose a name using three preset lists that generate unique first name and last name combinations. Pose the fairy, then save her. Players can return to play with their fairies by changing their outfits and decorating the fairies' homes.