How Do You Create Custom Refrigerator Magnets?


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Create your own refrigerator magnets by repurposing existing items such as buttons, wood, tape or pins and using a substance such as glue to affix small magnets to their backs. Affix a photo to a flat magnet to create a custom magnetic image.

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The first step to creating your own refrigerator magnets is to determine the design and the materials you wish to use. If you plan on repurposing existing magnets, look for items that are of a similar shape to the magnets. For example, use round objects such as buttons or pins on round magnets. If you do not have any magnets, either on their own or inside an existing decorative magnet, purchase them from a crafts or hardware store. Check the strength of the magnet to ensure it is capable of supporting the weight of the item on which you plan to place it.

Once you locate the items and the magnets, choose the appropriate affixing agent. Cyanoacrylate adhesive or table glue are typically suitable for holding pins and buttons to magnets. If you are gluing a picture to a flat magnet, use rubber cement or a glue stick to avoid bumps and wrinkles. Heavier items require a two-part epoxy, which involves placing two separate compounds on the items to create a secure bond.

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