How Do You Create a Character in "HeroMachine4"?


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While there is no HeroMachine 4, users can create their own superheroes using "HeroMachine 3." Using this free Web tool, people can use a computer mouse to select different attributes when designing a new character. The purpose of this tool is to help people create heroes for their own comic books or to explore their inner artist, according to the official HeroMachine website.

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To create a hero in "HeroMachine 3," players must first select to start from scratch or to use a hero template. Users who have created their own heroes in the past can choose to upload them to continue their work. They can load a hero from the computer or from a text file. The option to save a hero to a computer or as a text file is available after users start working on a creation.

When creating a hero, players can fully customize the size and shape of nearly every body part, including the legs, head and arms. They can also include specific items on a character, such as energy balls or shields.

This creation tool uses Flash to allow users to design their own superheroes. This tool runs on desktop browsers, and HeroMachine recommends downloading Photon Browser from the Google Play or iTunes store to enable Flash-based content on mobile browsers.

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