How Do You Create a Bunco Scorecard?


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A bunco score card can be made by hand or by using an online scorecard maker. Some online scorecard makers provide templates that can be customized to include players' names.

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The items needed to create a bunco scorecard by hand include a pen or pencil and a sheet of paper. Draw six vertical lines down the paper to create five columns. Write "Set 1" at the top of the second column, "Set 2" in the third column, "Set 3" in the fourth column and "Set 4" in the fifth column. Next, draw seven lines across the paper to create six rows. In the first column that is still blank, label each row as "1," "2," "3," "4," "5" and "6." At the bottom of the page, write "wins," "losses" and "buncos" as a space to record results. Photocopy a sheet for each player.

There are also several online tools that can be used to make a bunco scorecard. ElversonPuzzle.com offers free standard bunco scorecards that can be printed as a PDF. Four scorecards print per sheet of standard computer paper. ApollosTemplates.com is another website that offers free printables. This site allows users to customize the PDF template to include creative titles or player names before printing.

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