How Do You Create Beautiful Floral Arrangements in Tall Vases?


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Tall vases are suited to loose arrangements that feature just a few varieties of flower. Leave the stems long, and strip away any unwanted leaves. After adding water, but before adding flowers to the arrangement, place a few foliage stems in the vase to act as anchors for the flowers. Add the tallest flowers first, and then add the other varieties, working in a circle to ensure that the arrangement looks attractive from any angle.

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When adding the flowers, let them lean naturally. Once all of the flowers are in the vase, press the arrangement gently down into the water and push some strands of ivy down among the stems to disguise them.

If the vase is flared at the top, build the flowers into a bouquet but leave it untied. Trim the stems to the desired length, cutting them at an angle so that they absorb more water. Hold the bouquet tightly while placing it in the vase.

For a tall vase with a rounded shape, tall flowers such as delphiniums and lilies work well. Because these flowers are so tall, they can create a striking arrangement by themselves, with no other varieties. Strip the stems so that all of the buds and foliage are sitting above the vase's rim, and then release the bunch of flowers into the vase.

Try using marbles or small fruits to fill the vase's bottom portion so that short-stemmed flowers do not fall down into it. Before making the arrangement, cut off the very bottom of the stems and leave the flowers to sit in ice water for an hour. This helps the flowers to stay fresh for a longer period.

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