What Are Some Crazy Trivia Questions?

crazy-trivia-questions Credit: Silver Screen Collection/Archive Photos/Getty Images

One crazy trivia question is, "Who wrote the song 'A Boy Named Sue,' performed by Johnny Cash?" The answer is Shel Silverstein. A second crazy trivia question is, "What does the name of the M&M candy stand for?" M&M stands for Mars and Murrie, which are the last names of the founders of M&M.

One great trivia question is, "Why were Furbies banned from the National Security Agency's Maryland headquarters in 1999?" The answer is that employees were afraid that Furbies would repeat national security threats.

An interesting trivia question is, "Which mosquitoes bite: male or female?" The answer is that only female mosquitoes bite.

Another great question is, "What is the origin of the term 'jaywalker'?" The answer is that jay used to be a term used to call someone foolish, so pedestrians who disregarded traffic signs were called jaywalkers.

A trivia question that is nearly impossible to answer without a nearby computer is, "There is only one state that can be typed on a single row of keys on a computer keyboard. Which one is it?" The answer is Alaska.

Yet another crazy trivia question is, "What is the name of the dot above a lowercase form of the letter 'I'?" This dot is called a tittle.