What Are Some Crazy Quilt Patterns?

What Are Some Crazy Quilt Patterns?

Crazy quilts are unique creations that are usually not based on a particular pattern, although some quilters sketch design plans on paper to use as a pattern. Several websites explain how to make a crazy quilt block, including DIY Network, Interweave Store, The Caron Collection and Needlework Tips and Techniques.

DIY Network recommends that quilters draw a pattern on tracing paper or directly on the muslin before they start sewing. Interweave Store also advises crazy quilt makers to engage in some forethought and to put their plans on paper.

Needlework Tips and Techniques offers a tutorial using a stitch-and-flip technique that does not require a visual pattern. The writer discusses how to choose fabrics and colors, and she explains how to cut and piece the scraps together to form a unique crazy quilt block.

The Carlton Collection provides a two-part online course on making a crazy quilt patchwork block. The content is comprehensive and includes embroidery tips for embellishments, explanations of common stitches, and instructions for finishing the quilt and piecing the blocks together.

Crazy quilt blocks are usually never alike, even those blocks that are based on a pattern. Each block typically contains the same fabrics, but the edges, layouts and embellishments within each block often vary throughout the finished blanket.