How Often Does Crayola Update Its Color Charts?


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Crayola does not update or change its color chart on a regular basis. As of 2015, the company has added to or changed the colors in its chart a total of 10 times since the company began operating in 1903. Crayola made the updates at irregular intervals, usually based on current events, frequent requests and other market changes.

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The first change came in 1949, 46 years after releasing the original eight colors, when the company added 40 colors to the Crayola chart. Eleven years later, it added 16 more colors, bringing the total colors on the chart to 64. In 1962, as a way to acknowledge that skin tones come in a variety of different shades, Crayola changed the name of its "Flesh" color to "Peach." Crayola made another notable change in response to social pressure in 1999, when it changed the color "Indian Red" to "Chestnut".

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