What Are Some Crafts Using Fun Noodles?


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Fun noodles, or pool noodles, can be used to make party curtains, foam swords or wreath forms. To make a wreath form, cut the noodle to the desired size, and tape the ends of the noodle together to form a circle. Cover the foam circle with yarn, flowers and other decorative items to complete the craft.

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To make a party curtain, cut flower-shaped noodles into 2-inch slices. Cut a piece of thread or fishing line to the desired length, and place a bead at the bottom of the thread. Tie two knots under the bead to secure it. Continue adding the noodle pieces and beads until 6 inches of thread remains at the top of the strand.

Use the remaining thread to hang the strand over a window or door with a pushpin. To make a foam sword with a fun noodle, cut the noodle in half. Measure up the short side of a foam sheet, and cut the sheet into a long strip that is 2 inches wide.

Cut a 1/2-inch circle on each end of the strip. Push 1/2-inch PVC pipe through the center of the pool noodle, allowing several inches of the pipe to remain uncovered at the bottom of the sword. Thread the PVC pipe through the circles in the foam strip to form a handle for the sword, and place a PVC cap on the end of the PVC pipe.

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