What Are Some Crafts Using Clear Plastic Circles?


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Crafts using clear plastic circles include decorative sun catchers in multiple designs, such as a decoupage pumpkin, or an aquarium diorama. These crafts require either acrylic plastic circles or plastic circular plates.

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To make a decoupage pumpkin sun catcher, first cut a jack-o-lantern's eyes, nose and mouth from a decorative piece of fabric. Mix decoupage craft glue with yellow and red food coloring to produce a light orange shade. Apply the glue to the back of the plastic circle or plate, and arrange the jack-o-lantern features onto the wet paint. Allow it to dry, and then paint a second coat, making sure to paint over the fabric. Once dry, use hot glue and string to create a loop from which to hang the sun catcher.

For the aquarium diorama, cut the middle circle from a paper plate, and replace it with a plastic circle held in place with tape. Paint the center circle of a second paper plate blue, and allow it to dry. Draw, color, and cut out fish and plants from construction paper. Paste the plants on the blue background, and use tape to attach short strings of different lengths to each fish; tape the other ends of the strings to the top of the paper plate to give the appearance of swimming fish. Staple both paper plates together to finish.

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