What Are Some Crafts That Use Glass Jars?


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Crafts that involve glass jars include beach reminder jars, painted holiday decorations, photo frames, flower vases, and chandeliers and candles. Glass jars can also store household items.

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What Are Some Crafts That Use Glass Jars?
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A beach reminder jar provides a way to remember a beach vacation or a way to decorate a home with a beach theme. Creating a beach reminder jar requires washing and drying the jar, removing any labels, spray-painting the lid white and painting a beach scene on it. Filling the jar with shells, sand, beach glass and other items found on the beach completes the beach theme.

Glass jars can also be filled with wax to make candles, and a series of glass-jar candles hung with wire makes a great chandelier. Mason jars can be used to make photo frames. This project involves placing a photo inside a jar and then filling the jar with vegetable oil and dried flowers.

Decorators can also paint glass jars for a variety of reasons. For example, a person could paint the outside of a jar to make a decorative candle or to make a decorative vase. Painting a jar like a pumpkin and placing a candle inside makes an ideal Halloween decoration. Glass jars can also be used to make snow globes for Christmas.

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