What Are the Best Crafts to Make and Sell?


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Popular crafts for sale on Etsy.com include handmade earrings, bead necklaces, headbands, tote bags, ceramic planters and pins. Other popular crafts to make and sell include dream catchers, bird houses and ornaments.

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Dream catchers originated among the Native American tribes and have been a part of the culture of Native Americans for centuries. Part of the lore of dream catchers is the idea that bad dreams are caught in the web-like weaved design of the hoop, while good dreams are allowed to slip through the center hole, or eye, of the web. The good dreams are then thought to glide down the feathers to the sleeping individual beneath the dream catcher.

Dream catchers are created by decorating a hoop made of wood or steel with materials like string, yarn, feathers, charms, beads, and other items that have meaning to the creator or recipient. The web pattern in the center of the hoop is made by looping and tying a string or threadlike material around the outer hoop and then threading and tying the string to itself until it reaches the center. Another small hoop can be decorated and threaded into the center to create a more pronounced eye using advanced threading techniques.

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