What Are Crafts That Kids Can Do at Home?

What Are Crafts That Kids Can Do at Home?

Some homemade craft ideas for kids include creating vases, planter pots, tissue paper flowers, painted rocks, magazine collages and leaf collages. Egg carton crafts are also fun for young kids.

There are a variety of ways to make vase and planter pot crafts at home. Pots can be sculpted from clay or made from recycled containers. Kids can decorate a vase with construction paper, markers, glitter or other embellishments.

Tissue paper flowers are also a popular homemade craft to complement a vase. Flowers are made by folding layers of tissue squares and securing them. A pipe cleaner, green wire or tree branch is attached for a stem.

Painted rocks and rock animals are easy craft activities that young kids enjoy. Rocks of various sizes can be glued together to make animal figurines. Glitter, beads and other items can also be glued to the rock creations.

Collages made with pictures cut from magazines are a simple home craft idea that requires only scissors, glue, magazines and construction paper. Leaves or flowers from trees in the yard can also be used to make a collage in wax paper.

Caterpillars and various animals constructed with egg cartons are fun for young kids to decorate. The cartons are decorated with markers, pipe cleaners and other craft supplies.