What Are Some Crafts for Elderly People?


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Some crafts for elderly people include making objects out of polymer clay, scrapbooking, making collages, ceramics and mosaics. Other popular crafts for seniors include one-stroke painting, beading and knitting.

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Working with polymer clay is a great craft for elderly people to do because it helps them to exercise their fingers and hands as well as improve their dexterity. Objects that seniors can make out of polymer clay include pens, vases, pen and pencil holders, beads, pins and bowls. Other simple craft ideas that can be made with polymer clay are bendable bookmarks, picture frames and holiday ornaments.

Painting is another craft that is good for elderly people. Seniors tend to favor simple painting techniques, such as dipping a large brush or sponge into a bowl of paint and then onto the paper. One-stroke painting is especially popular among seniors. This craft entails painting single brushstrokes in a certain pattern to create pictures of flowers, birds, butterflies and the like and can easily be picked up using illustrated instruction books.

There are many benefits for elderly people who do crafts. First, making crafts helps gather people together, which helps seniors who live in nursing homes or assisted living facilities have a sense of belonging and friendship. Working on crafts also reduces depression in elderly people, and helps keep their minds sharp and stimulated. Crafting is also an enjoyable way for elderly people to spend their time, especially those who live alone.

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