What Are Some Crafts You Can Make With Wine Bottles?


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Some wine bottle crafts include flower vases, beaded votive candle holders, and winter decorations and luminaries. Wine bottles can also be made into herb gardens, recycled bottle lamps and wind chimes.

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To make beaded votive candle holders from wine bottles, cut a bottle 3 inches from the bottom, using a bottle cutter or an alternative glass-cutting process. Sand down and clean the edges with a vinegar water solution. Press and burnish a 1/4-inch strip of copper foil over the cut opening of the bottle, and then repeat the process with a copper strip on just the outside of the opening.

Melt solder around the foil, and wait for it to cool. When it does, place the end of a beaded wire on the cooled solder, and melt a small drop of solder on top of it to hold it on. Repeat this process around the candle holder.

Make a snowball wine bottle vase for a winter collection by spraying an empty wine bottle with primer and craft bond spray adhesive. Another option is to brush on Mod Podge or another adhesive that dries clear. Pour some coarse Epsom salt onto a clean brown paper grab and, with the glue still wet, roll the bottle in the salt until it's evenly coated. Stick silvery foliage or sprigs in the bottle to complete the decoration.

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