What Crafts Can I Make With a Rotary Tool?


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Some popular crafts made with a rotary tool include etched drinking glasses, jewelry accessories, wall art, mosaics and ornaments. With a rotary tool, objects are carved, cut, sanded, drilled, engraved and polished.

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A rotary tool is often used to make etched drinking glasses. The drinking glasses are made by cutting off the top of a bottle. After the rim is polished, designs or words are etched on the glass.

Jewelry pendants, beads and charms of various types and styles can be cut or carved with a rotary tool. In addition, the tool can be used to create beads by drilling holes in stones and various other objects.

Wall art can be made with metal and other materials cut using a rotary tool. These items can be attached to a canvas or assembled with glue or wire.

A rotary tool can also be used to cut glass or china to make mosaics. The pieces of cut glass can be arranged into decorative patterns and glued on photo frames, mirror frames, tables, planters and other items.

Ornaments of different shapes and styles are easy to make with a rotary tool. A stencil is helpful for cutting materials into shapes. After the ornament is cut and etched, a hole can be drilled at the top to insert a ribbon.

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