What Are Crafts You Can Do at Home?


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Some crafts you can do at home include making a cork mouse pad, creating silhouette art and crafting mason jar soap dispensers. Some other ideas are making a wreath and a kids' growth chart.

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What Are Crafts You Can Do at Home?
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To make a cork mouse pad, use a box cutter to cut a piece of cork into a circle or other shape. Add some accents using craft paint.

To make silhouette hanging art, trace family photos onto sturdy paper. Cut them out and place them between the panes of a floating picture frame. Use light-colored paper if hanging on a dark wall and dark-colored paper if hanging on a light wall.

To make mason jar soap dispensers, drill a hole in the middle of a mason jar lid and place an old soap dispenser pump through the hole. Use epoxy to secure the pump. Fill the jar with soap and put the lid on.

To make a wreath, get a grapevine, foam or wire wreath from the craft store. Attach berries, branches and other items to fill it in.

For a fun kids' growth chart, sand and stain a piece of wood. Use a yardstick or tape measure to mark out measurement increments. Use paint to make lines and numbers so that the stick looks like a giant ruler, and then hang the chart on a wall.

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