What Are Some Crafts for Boys?


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Boys tend to enjoy sports or car-related craft projects, such as making football name placards or building a small racetrack. Boys also enjoy imaginative crafts, such as making a foil robot.

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To create a football name placard, all that is required is a thin piece of cardboard, brown paint, white paint, paint brushes, a pair of scissors and any additional embellishments, such as stickers or markers. First, cut the cardboard into the oval shape of a football, then paint in brown and allow it to dry completely. Next, take the white paint and paint two curved white stripes at the ends and a horizontal line in the middle for the stitches. Once that paint dries, write the boy’s name on the football and add any other designs.

To build a racetrack for toy cars, first gather some construction paper or cardboard, black and yellow markers, a pair of scissors and some toy trees. Cut the cardboard into rectangular pieces twice as large as the toy cars. Cut some pieces with rounded corners to allow for curves in the road. Color the pieces black for asphalt, yellow for the traffic lines and place them together.

Foil robots require aluminum foil, markers, pipe cleaners and a piece of cardboard. Cover the cardboard in foil to make the body, then attach the pipe cleaners for arms and legs. Color on the foil with the markers to make eyes and circuits.

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