What Are Some Crafts for 1-Year-Olds?


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Craft ideas for 1-year-olds include letting them paint with scented chalk or colored syrup. Another option is creating a hand and footprint lobster. Toddler craft activities help with color identification and fine motor skills.

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Decorating asphalt with homemade scented chalk paint develops toddlers' fine motor skills. To make sidewalk chalk paint, mix one Kool Aid packet with half the amount of water it calls for, stirring until it dissolves. Mix in cornstarch slowly until it develops into a paint-like consistency. Pour this into squeeze bottles, and allow toddlers to get creative on the sidewalk or driveway. The paint is bio-degradable and easily washes away.

Encourage 1-year-olds to play creatively with their food by painting pancakes. Mix syrup with food coloring, and place in egg cartons according to color. Serve this "paint" at breakfast with pancakes. Give children an unused paintbrush, and encourage them to paint shapes in different colors on the pancake "canvas."

Make a lobster out of toddlers' hand and footprint. The needed supplies are red paint, thick paper, a red marker, wiggle eyes, glue and pictures of lobsters. The toddler's red-paint footprint goes in the center of the paper, and a print from each hand goes above the heel. Encourage the toddler to complete the picture with the marker and wiggle eyes while looking at pictures of lobsters.

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