How Does Crafting Work in Minecraft?

How Does Crafting Work in Minecraft?

Minecraft's crafting system allows you to combine materials, both raw and refined, to create tools, furniture and decorative elements. Finished products are created by specific combinations of materials in particular formations while in the crafting menu.

There are several crafting menus available within the game. They provide the player character with different options of scaling complexity related to the creation of new goods. There are also menus that allow for the refining and reconfiguration of single types of material.

The crafting menus available are:

  • The field crafting menu.
  • The workbench crafting menu.
  • The forge menu.
Crafting in the field is limited to simple combinations of raw elements, the making of basic tools and adventuring materials like shovels, picks, torches and axes. With four blocks of wood set in this menu, a workbench can be created, which opens up a larger crafting menu and the ability to create refined materials like cut and planed wood. A forge can be made with six blocks of cobblestone mined from the earth. Forges allow for the processing of sand into glass and for the refining of metal ingots from unrefined ore.

Minecraft's world is an open one and crafting proceeds at a pace dictated by the player. The entire game can be played with only raw materials, even the building element. All that is required is right-clicking to place blocks and left-clicking to strike with the tool or block currently held.