What Are Some Crafting Ideas for Wine Corks?


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Two craft ideas for wine corks are to use them to make a necklace or a set of personalized stamps. Both of these crafts require a few tools, some extra materials and a little bit of extra time.

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Making a necklace out of wine cork requires one wine cork, some satin necklace thread, a large bead, some black nail polish, a pencil, gold relief outline pen, an electric drill or a similar tool, and a sharp knife.

First, cut the sides of the cork until it resembles a rectangular shape. To decorate the wine cork, apply a coat of the black nail polish and allow some time for it to dry. Once the polish has dried, use the gold outline pencil to draw a pattern on the painted cork. To finish the necklace, use the electric drill to make a small hole in the cork and thread the necklace thread through the bead and the cork.

To make stamps out of wine bottle corks, acquire some spongy corks, a sharpie and a sharp craft knife. Draw a design on the wine cork with a sharpie and use the craft knife to very carefully carve around the edges of the design. To complete the stamp, cut into the cork around 1/4 of an inch from the top and carve away until the design is raised above the rest of the cork.

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