How Do You Craft in "Survivalcraft"?


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Once all necessary crafting materials have been gathered in Survivalcraft, you can craft using the four-square crafting section of the inventory menu. If the object you wish to craft requires a three-by-three square, you must first build and use a crafting table.

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  1. Gather the necessary materials

    Tap and hold the screen while next to a tree to harvest wood or while near an iron node to harvest iron ore. You can build and equip tools onto your character to speed up the harvesting process, such as pickaxes for mining or axes for chopping down trees.

  2. Open the inventory interface

    Tap the two-by-two square button on the left-hand side of the game screen.

  3. Drag resources to the crafting square

    Drag materials you have harvested from your inventory to the two-by-two square on the left-hand side of the inventory interface. Many crafting recipes require resources to be placed in specific sections of the crafting square to produce the desired result.

  4. Build a crafting table to create advanced objects

    To build a crafting table, refine harvested wood into wood planks by dragging wood blocks to any of the four squares within the crafting square. Combine four wood planks in the crafting screen to make a crafting table. Drag the table into the four usable inventory slots at the bottom of the screen. You may now use the crafting table by tapping on it in one of the usable inventory slots.

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