What Craft Stores Sell Paint-by-Number Kits for Adults?


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Paint-by-number kits for adults can be purchased from established online and brick-and-mortar retailers of arts and craft stores. As of March 2015, online and brick-and-mortar retailers,such as Jo-Ann Stores, have a range of offerings of paint-by-number kits for adults. TheMichaels online store also has several offerings of adult-level paint-by-number kits categorized under kids' crafts.

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What Craft Stores Sell Paint-by-Number Kits for Adults?
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Paint-by-number kits are basically boards that are divided by printed lines, which are usually in the colors gray or blue. The lines indicate the border where aparticular color is to be painted on. The colors that are to be painted on are indicated by a number. Similar kitsfor children usually come in the form of books, which are also referred to as color by numbers.

Developed and promoted by Max Klein in the 1950s, the Craft Master kits created by his own Palmer Paint company has sold more than 12 million paint-by-number kits. Due to the success of the concept, other companies have also created and marketedtheir own paint-by-numbers kit.

Jo-Ann Stores is one of the retailers who sells paint-by-number kits both online and through the company's network of brick-and-mortar establishments. The company has more than 750 brick-and-mortar stores all across the continental United States.

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