How Do You Craft a Piston in "Minecraft"?


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Crafting a piston in "Minecraft" requires three wood planks, four cobblestones, one iron ingot and one redstone. The materials must be arranged with the three planks across the top, the cobblestones lining the four spots on the side, the ingot in the center and the redstone in the bottom center.

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The only other piston in "Minecraft" is a sticky piston, which is crafted using a piston and a slimeball, with the piston positioned above the slimeball. Pistons are used for pushing other blocks. Sticky pistons can both push and pull.

Pistons only work when powered. This can be done with redstone wire, a redstone block, a redstone torch, or by lying adjacent to a powered block, with the exception of powered blocks lying above the piston. Pistons in "Minecraft" are most commonly used to create Jeb Doors, which are doors completely hidden within the wall of which they are a part. Pistons push or pull blocks aside to reveal the door. Most uses of pistons are variants of this, using pistons to create secret entrances to bases or mechanical doors.

Pistons can also be used to create a drawbridge to cross lava by pushing blocks aside to reveal a path. They can also be used for self-repairing structures, which use a piston cobblestone generator to endlessly create new blocks that are pushed into place by pistons.

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